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Iceland Iceland

Capital: Reykjavik (0.12 million inhabitants)

Population: 0.31 million

Language: Icelandic

Currency: Icelandic króna(€1 = 171.31 ISK)

PHOTO: Sledging Iceland

Get a thick winter coat: we're off to Iceland! Cold climate means alternative transport, a sledge! A dozen dogs in front and we're on our way. A shivering cold photo feature of men and dog in a snowy landscape....


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Italy Mysterio..

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United Kingdom United Kingdom - HTC launches One E9s India, comparab..

HTC launches One E9s India, comparable to mid-range Desire 820   HTC has launched a new smartphone in India. He completed his famous One E range with....

France France - Migration Android Lollipop chez Lenovo

Les smartphones Lenovo A6000 et Lenovo A6000 Plus officialisés plus tôt dans l'année reçoivent une mise à jour grâce &....

China China - Nike frie Kvinde let at være en Dunk..

At have dem, der er typisk utrænede at vælge at særprægede fødevarer farvestoffer sort meget tucker afspejler din egen personlig....

India India - Bhopal- an interesting mix of histor..

Once the Land of Nawabs and Begums, Bhopal is now well-known for its culture and heritage. Bhopal is a bustling city in the heart of India. Sanchi Stupa and Bhi....

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