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Morocco Morocco

Capital: Rabat (1.79 million inhabitants)

Population: Dirham (1 = 11

Language: Arabic

Currency: Dirham (1 = 11.17 MAD)

PHOTO: Skippers and Seagulls

Essaouira, a cozy city located at the Moroccan coast. A bit more relaxed than the rest of the county. Is it the wind? Is it the Medina? Is it the seagulls? A IN2TRAVEL Photo Feature....


India Maxtour

United Kingdom Jaycenor..



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China China - Travel Experience to Yongle Palace

Yongle Palace last minute China travel deals lies in three kilometers north of Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province. It is a grand-sca....

China China - Get to know Motherwort and Temple of..

Temple of Heaven China vacation deals was built in 1420. In it, motherwort used to be exclusively planted. Before the foundation of Republic of China....

China China - Travel Guide - Long Island

Long Island, also called Orange Island, is located in middle of Xiang River, opposite to Changsha city center. In west there is Mt. Yuelushan and in east is Ch....

China China - Travel Guide - Tianshan Grand Canyon

Located at the south foot of the Tianshan Mountains China vacation deals, about 70 km north of Kuqa, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tianshan Grand Cany....

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