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Syria Syria

Capital: Damascus (6.5 million inhabitants

Population: 20.18 million

Language: Arabic

Currency: Syrian Pound (1 = 62.38 SYP)

VIDEO: Syrian Roadtrip

One of the Cradles of Civilization: Syria. Nevertheless it is not exactly popular, people tend to have a very grim thought about the country. To bad! The barren, sun-drenched landscape is beautiful. Ideal for a roadtrip on the smooth asphalt roads! IN2TRAVEL in Syria....


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China Kopenonly

U.S.A. Catchhmi

Armenia Alberta1..

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U.S.A. U.S.A. - intelligentlabsglucosamine

Glucosamine is a powerful supplement useful for the proper functioning joint Glucosamine is a powerful supplement useful for the proper functioning joint. It co....

Algeria Algeria - but also the history of the Champion..

In addition to the 1962 3-3 draw with Anderlecht Cristiano Ronaldou war has scored 56 career goals, including the Champions League scored 55  goals. Recent....

Algeria Algeria - Giovanni - Mauri: chief fitness coach

Giovanni - Mauri: chief fitness coach You know, David, in a few months ago are 'unemployed  youth', and even how to plan for their future tha....

India India - Popular 3 Star hotels in Manali: Hon..

There are a number of good hotels in Manali near the major tourist spots, of which the top rated 3 Star hotels in Manali are popular choices. These hotels are t....

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U.S.A. U.S.A.

Venezuela Venezuela

Philippines Philippines

Spain Spain
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