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Russia Russia

Capital: Moscow 10.12 million inhabitants)

Population: 140.04 million)

Language: Russian

Currency: Ruble (€1 = 39.78 RUB)

Skateboarding in Siberia

Skateboarders are always on the lookout for new spots to bust their tricks. The catch, usually, consists of a smooth surface, stairs, ledges, and marble benches. It is a sport with a lot of options. A popular city among skateboarders is, for instance, Barcelona. Destinations like Russia and Mongolia aren’t so popular for skateboarding. But, with th...


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China China - Proper protection of historical site..

Historical sites China tour deals are cherished because of their long-time cultural accumulations. But how to avoid losing their inside information during the....

Afghanistan Afghanistan - Where to Buy What the LeBron 11

Where to Buy What the LeBron 11 Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan just previewed the first Air Jordan XX9 that will be released to the public in September. El....

China China - Songs, Instruments and Homes of Anci..

Some age-old ballads are still popular among the Tujia ethnic group in the mountains of the Three Gorges area China travel videos. In fact, it is said that the....

China China - Songs, Instruments and Homes of Anci..

Archaeology and museums help mankind to understand their past better and to help interpret the present and future. In one museum it is possible to see unear....

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U.S.A. U.S.A.

Venezuela Venezuela

Philippines Philippines

Spain Spain
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